Create High Converting
Lead Capture Forms

LeadGen is the form-builder tool for marketers. Create interactive Multi-Step and A/B Test forms to generate better conversions.

  • Easy & Intuitive usability
  • Tracking & experiments dashboard
  • GDPR compliance & user data protection

Making lead capture simple

GDPR compliance & data protection

As Easy As A Powerful Form-Builder Tool Can Be

Step 1

Add Questions

Create your custom LeadGen form with different question types.

Step 2

Add Recipient Email

Add email recipient for lead capture data.

Step 3

Share Form

Share form or use embed code to use it on your landing pages.

Contact Form


Employee Feedback

Generation Form



The Smart Way To Capture Information

With LeadGen you can create forms for different purposes, such as Lead capture on landing pages, calculators or Employee feedback forms. The Form-builder lets you choose a variety of question types like single text question, dropdown, multiple select questions and email fields.

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Clear Your Data Protection Concerns

If you are operating your products and services from the European Union or deal with the EU market, you need to be GDPR compliant (General Data Protection Regulation). LeadGen forms take the stress out and provide you with customizable GDPR question types.Lead Gen functions as a data processor between your customers and your brand and clears your data protection concerns.

Customer Experience

"Leadgen is a performanced-oriented form-builder and perfect for marketers. The tool is bringing many pieces together for which you normally need various tools and software. Leadgen is the very best online form generator and I can highly recommend it to online marketers."

Edward Jenner

Boost Your Lead Generation With LeadGen forms

Turn your long forms into a multi-step sequence to improve your conversions and generate more leads

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Create High Converting
Lead Capture Forms

LeadGen is the form-builder tool for marketers. Create interactive Multi-Step and A/B Test forms to generate better conversions.

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